Identity / Philosophy


Save the social issue by the power of sports.

Vision statement

Practicing and promoting healthy thoughts like "Athletes are awesome. People can enjoy healthy and independent lives with the positive and confident thoughts created by exercise."

Our Value

  • We are specialist both in professional sports and non professional sport player and athlete to help next stage(agent business, marathon event).
  • We are specialist both real event and digital activity(business agent).
  • We are specialist both digital marketing and sports marketing.
  • We think on a global scale, but we work with the communities' acceptance and keep our work rooted there.
  • We are very good at  not only traditional IT systems but also advanced IT technology like AI and block chain.


This philosophy is reflected in the company's message, color, design, and logo, and functions as a brand identity that describes the Delight company.

  (Corporate Logo)   We put together an underbar that expresses a refreshing feeling reminiscent of the ocean, and a somewhat stylized logo. It is a simple and powerful design to fit with the image of sports. At the same time, it is devoid of zealotry; it was created based on the idea that this is a company that works in the entertainment of the sports business, where different kinds of people can have fun.

(Service Logo) This logo is used for project.

Core competency (What we are confident in)

Using ideas, breakthrough skills, and IT abilities, we break through walls, blaze trails, and do what everyone else does not think of or cannot do. Illustrative examples:
  • We built an athletic agency—a business with few precedents in Japan—from scratch, and we are succeeding in receiving multiple clients every year from overseas as well as from Japan.
  • We have succeeded in constructing and delivering (multiple) IT and app services that have few or no precedents in Japan.
  • We are succeeding in bringing in foreign athletes to marathons in Japan. (2015: over 600 runners for one event, 14 foreign participants in one month for a first-time event. Then increased up tp 1,800 runners in 2017.)
  • Consulting and execution in marathon event(Chip timing service).in mainland China and Cambodia. (2003: Beijing International Marathon, Xiamen International Marathon, Shanghai International Marathon, etc.).