Paolo Montagnani

Paolo Montagnani


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Sport: Volleyball
Position: Head coach
Nationality: Italy
English: Full professional knowledge
Japanese: Working knowledge
French: Scholastic knowledge

Season Role League Club name
2021/2022 Head Coach A2 Emma Villas Aubay Siena
2020/2021 Head Coach A2 Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce
2019/2020 Head Coach A Indykpol AZS Olsztyn (POL)
2018/2019 Head Coach A2 Acqua Fonteviva Apuana Livorno
2017/2018 Head Coach A2 Maury's Italiana Assicurazioni Tuscania
2016/2017 Head Coach A2 Maury's Italiana Assicurazioni Tuscania
2015/2016 Head Coach A1 Exprivia Molfetta
2014/2015 Head Coach A1 Altotevere Città di Castello - Sansepolcro
2012/2014 Head Coach A Suntory Sunbirds (JAP)
2011/2012 Head Coach A1 Fidia Padova
2010/2011 Head Coach A2 Phyto Performance Padova
2009/2010 Head Coach A2 Pallavolo Padova
2009/2010 Head Coach A1 Prisma Taranto
2008/2009 Head Coach A1 Framasil Pineto
2007/2008 2nd Coach A1 Andreoli Latina
2005/2007 Head Coach B2 Tomei Livorno (2° All.)

National Team(as coach)
2012 Assistant Coach ITALIA National Team
2012 Head Coach ITALIA National Team (WL 2012)
2011 Head Coach Italian National Team Under 23