Fast Set-Up by DELIGHT
Expertise in Complex Workflow Implementation

30+ language available



High volume

Capable of receiving and making 1,000 calls at the same time.


Four plans allow you to start with minimal cost and risk and expand incrementally.

Award / Selection

Plan : Affordable to scalable plans available

What is DELIGHT Assistant?

A multilingual telephone bot.
An automated service mainly for high volume call center to increase user satisfaction and reduce cost more than 70%. 

Most simple case


Definition of workflow


Bot handles frequently asked questions

API Integration.

Integration with other CRM/EC systems


Various functions such as holiday, time, whitelist, etc.

Transfer a call

Transfer to human if necessary



The process is easy! You can start in a few days.
  • STEP.01
    Apply online.
    Please fill out the entry form to apply.
  • STEP.02
    Fill in "question and answer form".
    Please include a list of questions to be answered by the AI telephony bot.
  • STEP.03
    Phone number setting
    We provide the new phone number for AI telephony bot.
  • STEP.04
    Start of use
    Transfer call to the new phone number. AI telepbony bot take phone calls 24/365. And allows your staff to focus on their primary duties, which require manual intervention.


Yes. If it's the amount of calls you receive, it's no problem. If it is more than that, please consult us separately.

Yes. About prices, please ask sales because it depend on estimate number of monthly call transfer.

You will need the data with the FAQ (answers to questions) in Excel or other formats. We can prepare the data for you for an additional estimate. We will provide a phone number for you to call, and we will ask you to forward the call from your company's number.

No need, it's a 100% cloud-based system.

It is possible. You can choose between male and female voices. With the Pro plan or higher, you can adjust your speech speed.

It is possible.

Sure. If you use enterprise plan, possible. 

Sure. It is also possible to send a response after receiving an inquiry. Also It is possible to send an SMS when an outgoing call is made. 

Sure. If you use enterprise plan, possible.  Please call +81-3-4588-9109 in the morning or afternoon  to  hear different greeting. 

We are certified ISO 27001(ISMS) Certification which is one of the most famous security management systems.  For more details, please check here

We have a minimum of one year of service. Two weeks trial period is also available.

As a plan for NPOs and academies, the free plan, which usually lasts up to one year, is free for the second and subsequent years. Also, if you request it, we will review your request and may offer a higher level plan for free. For more details, please contact us after applying for the free plan.

The plan is customized plan based starter or professional plan with "record option", "transfer call option" , "outbound call option" or "API integration option".  it become cheaper than professional plan in case your base plan "starter" in most cases.

A call center workflow (flowchart) is a document that visualizes the various activities that take place in a call center, whether it is your own or a third-party company.

Almost possible in all major countries. Please contact us for details.

Normally, the user selects at the push of a button, such as For Japanese press 1, For English press 2.

Our clients(excerpt)
Foreign Government Agency(Europe)
Listed companies (Japan)
Local government (Population: 500K,250K)